Contest Rules

Rules for Entry

1. The story must concern itself with mental health, stigma and the interests of institutional power. Chekhov’s “Ward 6” is a good example, as is the work of Kafka, though the setting can be anywhere an abuse of power takes place and intersects with reinforced stigma.

2.  Wordcount should be between 500 and 4,000 words. Entries beyond either end of this range will not be considered.

3. No identifying information should be supplied on the story manuscript. This is to allow for anonymity. Name, email address and other information should be supplied in the appropriate fields on the submission dashboard. This will be made available for submissions in August.

4. Walking on Thin Ice is a fiction contest only: stories must not be defamatory. That is to say that no real person can be reasonably identified from the story. Unfortunately in work which has its roots in advocacy, this proviso is necessary.

5. Entry is open to anyone, anywhere in the world – but entries must be in English.

6. Word and RTF  formats preferred. Don’t send .docx if you can possibly help it. Don’t send PDF either as it’s more difficult to figure out the wordcount!

7. Do not attempt to contact via the website with any queries about stories. An email address will be made available on the Submit page so that the administrator of the dashboard can handle any questions you might have. This is to ensure the integrity of the submissions process.

8. The story must be an original work i.e. not previously published or blogged anywhere.

9. Since there is not entry fee, no more than two entries per entrant, please.

That’s it! Sharpen your pencils / point your cursors and go 🙂