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I have not forgotten the kindness of fundraisers and my promises to provide them with an edition of the e-book. Nor have I forgotten all the great stories I read. However time has not yet allowed me to focus on getting the e-book ready. It is my expectation that the edits for my novel will be complete by the end of April and I hope to kick things off in May. I am looking up CreateSpace and other outlets to decide how best to organise this volume and present it.

Thanks again for your understanding!

I’m thinking, perversely, of possibly doing it again later in the year. I wonder would people be keen, should the resources be available…

In the meantime, here is the song that helped inspire the name of the contest


Update on Anthology and Awards

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone

After the pleasant task of awarding the winners of the contest, what remains to be done is the compilation of the anthology and a little party to celebrate. Unfortunately I am in the middle of rigorous edits of the novel that will be out later this year with Brandon Press, White Feathers, so am not in a position to look at this until March. But it has not been forgotten, especially after all the work put in by contestants!

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

Walking on Thin Ice – Results!

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

White smoke! Dave Lordan has completed his adjudication and I’ve requested James, who has been ably administering our competition dashboard, to release the names of the winners and shortlistees. All the winners have responded and shortlistees been contacted so time now to put up the post.

The prizewinners will be awarded cash prizes while the shortlistees will be published in the e-anthology. An award ceremony will be held probably sometime in late February (date tbc) Thanks to James for keeping back of house in order, Dave for his ninja judging, and all those people who donated – haven’t forgotten you and will be in touch!


First prize: Forwarding Address – Linton Robinson, USA

Second prize: Night Flight – Valerie Cameron, Egypt

Third prize: The Well Known Arrival of the Green Blobby Thing – Megan Furniss, South Africa

Remaining Shortlistees

“A Cobbler’s Child”,  Claire Nolan (Ireland)
“Check Engine”,  Gabriel Nathan (US)
“Countdown”,  SP McArdle (Ireland)
“Drowning Fireflies”,  Rich Larson (Canada)
“Dying Swan”,  Mari Maxwell (Ireland)
“Foregiveness”,  Alyson Hilbourne (Japan)
“I Am Not One of You”,  Alissa Elliott
“Lake Isle”,  David Butler (Ireland)
“Last Day Out”, Kieran Ryan (Ireland)
“Mask”,  Cathy Bryant (UK)
“Mind The Gap”, Elizabeth Rose Murray (Ireland)
“Over The Edge”,  Alyson Hilbourne (Japan)


Hi all and Happy New Year

To all the entrants of the short story competition:  this is the list of the final 15 stories that I will send on to Dave Lordan. Names not included and anonymity will be preserved until the final prizes are assigned. We had entries from all over the world for this one so plenty of variety in the reading list. Thank you all for your hard work!

Night Flight
Mind The Gap
I Am Not One of You
Dying Swan
Over The Edge
Drowning Fireflies
Check Engine
Lake Isle
A Cobbler’s Child
The well known arrival of the green blobby thing
Forwarding Address
Last Day Out

A brief update, because I had an enquiry on twitter and thought I’d post a quick one. We’re in the process of shortlisting and after some downtime for festivities, making good progress. I am hoping to be in a position to publish the shortlist in the next few days.

Happy Hogmanay to all on the calendar!

I just put the expiry date on Walking on Thin Ice, so it should kick in on the submissions dashboard. The time limit and I’m delighted at the many submissions that have arrived, many from all over the world. The next month or so will be sifting through them to find the final shortlist to present to Dave Lordan.

Thank you so much for participating and for keeping the faith that the written word is a flaming sword that no power, in the end, can extinguish. Dave and I can both promise that your entries will be read with respect in our hearts.

I hope to have an update before Christmas, but will keep the website updated.

Again, thank you.

Hi folks,

The subs are coming in at a very health riverrine roar at present as the deadline approaches. It’s next Friday, November 15, at the stroke of midnight. So be sure to have your submitted stories in by then! I’m delighted at the response so far. No definite dates for shortlists etc yet but the awards ceremony will be in January, so everyone will be updated before then.

After the generosity of people’s interest and response so far to Patricia Casey’s great guest post on language and stigma, I’ve made a decision that every Monday except for Christmas and New Year, there will be a guest post, this to continue up to the awards ceremony. I have a great one lined up for tomorrow and will be seeking out posts for the rest of the year.

Anyone who is interested feel free to drop a comment or hit me up on twitter (@susan_lanigan)  and we can discuss. I’m looking for somewhere north of 500 words about any aspect of mental health stigma that entails challenging or coping with the repressive power structure which encourages it. I would be particularly interested from people who are in the areas where power is wielded over the mentally ill, professionally and psychiatrically, and who have an understanding of its mechanics. We need to get the input of people in the system as well as those exiled by it, because unfortunately that’s how power works. Yes, survivor stories are a great morale boost, but we need to get power back, not just affirm powerlessness, so we need both sides.

Regrettably I won’t be able to pay you, but I’m happy to signal boost your website or any business interests you might have. And I’m going to put the following in bold because it’s the core of the campaign and all interested parties should bear it in mind:

Please note that the philosophy of Walking on Thin Ice is not to promote vague, feelgood, Kumbaya sentiments on the topic of mental illness stigma. I don’t think people who perpetrate stigma upon others, who act out their own hatred and ignorance, require our support and warm fuzzies. They deserve our censure and our punishment. Walking on Thin Ice is about identifying the stigmatising enemy and fighting her or him with all weapons within our power to use. Because we’ve tried asking nicely, and it hasn’t worked. Let’s get tough.

Thanks all and looking forward to seeing even more subs before Cinderella hour on Friday!