Walking on Thin Ice – Results!

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

White smoke! Dave Lordan has completed his adjudication and I’ve requested James, who has been ably administering our competition dashboard, to release the names of the winners and shortlistees. All the winners have responded and shortlistees been contacted so time now to put up the post.

The prizewinners will be awarded cash prizes while the shortlistees will be published in the e-anthology. An award ceremony will be held probably sometime in late February (date tbc) Thanks to James for keeping back of house in order, Dave for his ninja judging, and all those people who donated – haven’t forgotten you and will be in touch!


First prize: Forwarding Address – Linton Robinson, USA

Second prize: Night Flight – Valerie Cameron, Egypt

Third prize: The Well Known Arrival of the Green Blobby Thing – Megan Furniss, South Africa

Remaining Shortlistees

“A Cobbler’s Child”,  Claire Nolan (Ireland)
“Check Engine”,  Gabriel Nathan (US)
“Countdown”,  SP McArdle (Ireland)
“Drowning Fireflies”,  Rich Larson (Canada)
“Dying Swan”,  Mari Maxwell (Ireland)
“Foregiveness”,  Alyson Hilbourne (Japan)
“I Am Not One of You”,  Alissa Elliott
“Lake Isle”,  David Butler (Ireland)
“Last Day Out”, Kieran Ryan (Ireland)
“Mask”,  Cathy Bryant (UK)
“Mind The Gap”, Elizabeth Rose Murray (Ireland)
“Over The Edge”,  Alyson Hilbourne (Japan)


  1. Mari Maxwell says:

    Huge congrats to everyone!! Thanks a bunch Susan for coming up with this fab idea. And thanks Dave for your ninja judging and those who donated. AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!! Thrilled to bits.

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