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I’ve been honoured to read the entries that have flowed in so far, some very bleak and moving. They’ve come from all over the world and reflected so many backgrounds, and yet it’s the same struggle. And made me realise that stigma and power can also be linked to immigration and alienation. There is no Shangri-La country out there where everybody is happy. With the possible expection of Bhutan, where apparently it’s mandated in law, but I don’t know a lot about that.

Some of the entries sound distressed. This may be effective fictionalising, but if anyone writing this is fighting life-threatening depression, I would say please call your local Samaritans, or, if you are in Ireland, the Console or 3 T’s helplines, or Pieta House. I will put some links at the bottom. In the meantime, I hope writing has helped take back some of your power. Because committing words to the page is an assertive act, and I thank you for it.

One thing I will keep saying is that the more subs the better.  We’re getting more in, but still I’d like the flow to become a veritable torrent so we have a good sample to judge from. If you are thinking about submitting, then please just throw caution to the winds and do it! If you aren’t interested in writing, but know other people who might, then please promote this page in their direction. Entry is free and there is no catch.


Currently the plan is to deliberate the shortlist over end of November, inform shortlistees in December, and have the award ceremony in early January, in Dublin. I have spoken to a friend of mine who is an illustrator who will be working on the e-book cover. I also have the kind offer of a mental health professional blogging her own thoughts in support of this campaign shortly and this will feature on the website.

So that’s it for the moment. Thanks everyone!



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Please do NOT leave ANY identifying info on your submission. This contest is via blind submissions only. It’s better not to know name, gender etc so that judging can be done with neither fear nor favour. Otherwise, regrettably the entry will be disqualified.

walkingonthiniceshortstory  at yahoo dot com for any queries on this.

Hello all,

A slow, steady trickle of submissions is now coming in, largely thanks to Sinead O’Hart’s wonderful promotion on her blog and the helpful links and retweets by many writers. Let’s make that trickle into a roar! I am looking forward to reading all these stories.

I’m hoping to feature a few articles and links here over the next few weeks on the theme of mental health, stigma and power to whet your enthusiasm. Today’s link is Bullied By the Boss blog. Having heroically taken on a vicious and sexist boss and gone all the way to an employment tribunal, she now invites brief articles from others about their experience.

One thing that really stands out is how these people’s universe became distorted under the bullying regimes they suffered. How those in a minor position of power over them could devastate and undermine them. And of course, if you break down, you are weak. You are ashamed to be open because of your pride, and because you could lose your job.  Your world shrinks. And finally – at least one of the people who blogged made an attempt on their life.

As she says, here are the requirements:
  • 300 to 400 words (approx) maximum
  • Please make all parties in your blog post anonymous.
  • Think of your audience. Be clear about what point or message you’re getting  across.