A quick update – subs open this Friday

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Things have been quiet here lately I know. A lot of stuff been going on, more about which anon. As well as that, some forthcoming expressions of support which I appreciate deeply. But as well as that, have been contacting organisations. Sometimes I worry that the insistence on advocacy rather than charity is prompting silence in response. People prefer an anodyne, fresh-air event where everyone can feel good, rather than the summoning of that ghost, Anger, to spoil the party. But charity without advocacy is, to reverse the St Paul maxim, becoming as a sounding bell – it can only bring one so far.

Anger is what truly changes things.

Submissions will be opening in a few days for the contest – Friday 24th! I’ll be excited to find out how many we get. The contest will remain open for submissions until October 1st.

There is a custom in the Jewish faith where you do one thing for God that is yours to do without personal benefit or reward. This is my “thing” (any experts on Jewish religious customs out there can give me the correct word!) and I do it from my heart. I’m confident the fundraising will match what is needed: if not, I will endeavour to match what is left. I will keep it open in any case so that contributions can keep coming. if people are so moved.

Thank you for reading and keeping believing 🙂


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