Progress Update 3/8/2013

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for your continued interest in Walking on Thin Ice! Feedback and responses have been very encouraging.

We’ve been getting lots of boosts on blogs and twitter and funds are coming in slowly but steadily for the prizes. At the time of writing we are 12 per cent funded. The folks at (shout out to Vanessa, thank you!) have offered to run an article on the competition. All I gotta do is get it written – Real Life intervened, so I should hopefully have that ready to send over the weekend. I’ve also been talking to an artist friend about illustrating the front cover. Of course it is early days, gotta get the prize money raised and the stories in first, but I’m still excited. Furthermore, there have been a lot of tweets and my friend Eleanor has written a thoughtful and moving blog entry promoting the contest. If anyone else has a promotion or contribution, comments are open.

It might seem like there are plenty of competitions out there and plenty of sponsored activities in aid of mental health – but then I remember the final straw, the ignorant and repulsive article on a  mental illness issue that triggered this whole thing (and which unfortunately I can’t discuss because of the abuse of libel laws that would take place as a result) and how we just can’t let people with vested interests in maintaining the status quo get away with this sort of behaviour any more.

I have a friend who works in the Department of Equality and Law Reform and the tribunals and cases that happen under their aegis are really the only line of defence sometimes against rampant prejudice towards stigma, not to mention blatant infringements of the law. I shudder to think what outrages the powerful would perpetrate against the young, vulnerable and psychically fragile section of the population if these advocates were not in place. Lord knows Irish reticence allows them leeway enough.

Thank you all for your good thoughts and support. Let’s keep fighting.


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